Investing In Israel

INE Ventures, LLC recently launched INE Ventures Fund I, to co-invest seed capital in Israeli technology startups with a selection of trusted venture capital partners to relocate portfolio company founders to Philadelphia and New York City to help them penetrate the U.S. market and turn into growing multinational companies. INE Ventures will provide its portfolio companies with access for the opportunity for relocation to allows these companies to take advantage of the Tri-State region’s avid interest in cultivating their startup technology sectors, which will play a critical role not only in maximizing the portfolio companies’ growth, but also in serving the region’s interests.

INE Ventures began to address a critical need: Israeli seed companies must take advantage of the US market to grow. East Coast investors are eager to meaningfully interface with Israeli startups that have a long term base of operations and that plan for expansion on the Eastern Seaboard and into the US market.  “The cooperation between Plus Ventures and INE Ventures will allow us to not only win the most promising early stage Israeli start-up investments, but to also answer a critical success-factor that affects all start-up companies located in Israel,” says Roy Oron, Partner and Head of Venture Development at Plus Ventures, and advisor with INE Ventures.

A series of other investors, including Ron Hershco & Yechiel Lichtenstein have announced recent Israel investments.



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